Ugreen HDD Case For Hard Drive Box 2.5 Hard Disk Case HD SSD SATA to USB 3.0 3.1 6G Type C HDD Enclosure For External Hard Drive


Recommended For You: External Hard Drive Enclosure   UGREEN USB 3.1 Gen 2 USB Type-C 2.5-inch hard drive enclosure can easily connect your 2.5-inch HDD/SSD to Desktop, PS4 and other...

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Recommended For You:

External Hard Drive Enclosure


UGREEN USB 3.1 Gen 2 USB Type-C 2.5-inch hard drive enclosure can easily connect your 2.5-inch HDD/SSD to Desktop, PS4 and other devices. It offers fast data transmission and protects the hard drive from scratches, a perfect way to get the most out of your idle hard drives.【Note: This item is only case for hdd,hard disk is not included.】
Advanced Type C Gen.2
With USB Type C Gen.2 connector, this hdd enclosure provides ultra fast read and write speed. You can plug directly without worry about plugging in upside down.
6Gbps With UASP Protocol
Support max 6Gbps transfer rate, 70% Faster than traditional USB 3.0, backwards compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 ports.
Intelligent Sleeping Mode
After 3 minutes no operation, it will go into sleeping mode automatically, which could greatly save power and decrease wear and tear of your hard drive.
Product Advantages
- Plug and play, no driver and external power required.
Support S.M.A.R.T hard disk detection function and TRIM function.
- Tool-free installation in seconds.
- Bulit-in soft EVA foam, effectively protect your hard disks from scratches.
- LED blue indicator light design.
Purchase Note
There are 6 models available,please choose suitable model according to your needs:
1) Hot-selling Type C Model: Max 6Gbps transfer rate, comes with a 50cm USB Type C to USB A 3.1 cable. (For using with Mac, pls make sure to use a  data sync. enabled USB-C to USB-C cable, length within 1 meter(Not Included). )
2) Type C Model-2: Max 6Gbps transfer rate, comes with a 50cm Type C to USB 3.0 & USB C 2 in 1 cable.(Newest Arrival)
3)  Micro B Model: Max 5Gbps transfer rate, comes with a 50cm Micro B to USB 3.0 cable.
4) Fixed Cable Model: Max 5Gbps transfer rate, comes with a non- detachable  30cm USB 3.0 cable.
5) Add Hard Drive Bag: HDD Enclosure (Type-C Model ) + HDD Bag ( Inner Size: 16*8.5*4.4cm ), store your HDD or HDD enclosure.
Tips for Use
1. For new unused hard drive, it's necessary to make a partition at first, ortherwise it can not be recognized.
2. To achieve UASP function, please make sure that the device, operating system and controller have the UASP function enabled.
2. Always safely remove your disc before unplugging this product.
3. Do not suggest the connection with 12.5mm hard drive, the slide cover cannot be closed in this case.
4. Win XP 32bit system does NOT support hard drives above 2TB.
5.For Type C Model, as SATA-interface hard drives support max 6Gbps transfer rate, so Type C HDD enclosure could reach up to 6Gbps.
6.Does NOT support hard drive that is powered with DC 12V. (Pls confirm power mode from the back of hard drive)


USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C HDD Case : 6Gbps (520MB/s Max.)

Tested Data with USB 3.1 Gen 2

Soft EVA Foam Shock-proof

For all 2.5'' SATA SSD/HDD of capacity 10TB max.

Supports to work with Laptop Internal SATA HDD

Easy Installation Tool-free

Sleeping Mode.Save power and extend lifespan

(if you need close sleeping mode,you can ask our customer service.)

Power & Sync 2-in-1 Strong Cable

ASM235CM Smart Chipset Bridge Controller

Plug and play for multi operation system.Don't need driver.

LED Indicator Light

Always on when connected;Flashes when reading or writing.

Use on PC,Game box PS 4/3,TV,Router....


①USB 3.1 Gen 2 - Recommended!

(6Gbps,520MB/s max)

②Micro B; ③USB 3.0 Fixed Cable

(5Gbps,450MB/s max)

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